Are you a Vocalist?  Instrumentalist?  Sound tech?  Emcee?  Worship Leader?
If so, we would like to invite you to the…

2015 Worship Arts Conference and TCX Band Auditions

Friday, October 23rd through Saturday, October 24th
in Minneapolis.

Get excited! The Worship Arts Conference will help you grow in your heart for worship and refine your creative skills. Our time may be short, but it is packed full of content to encourage and empower you to serve on your campus and beyond. Whether you are an emcee, meeting planner, musician, or tech person, the Worship Arts Conference is for you.

Interactive sessions include:
– Communications coaching
– Programming
– Vocal and instrument clinics
– Worship team organization and management
– Musical theory and orchestration
– Worship leading

We will have a great time of fellowship and will have lots of time to share ideas with each other, work through campus challenges together, and even have a little fun!

The Worship Arts Conference is also your chance to audition for the TCX Band.

See you there!

Logistical Details

The Worship Arts Conference and TCX Band auditions will be held at:

First Baptist Church
1021 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

The cost: $10!!  Yes that’s right – only $10.00. Payment will be made on Friday by cash or check only.
Lodging at the church and meals are provided.

The conference starts at 7:00PM Friday night, but please arrive between 5 and 6:30 for registration. We will wrap up around 9:00pm Saturday night.
If you need to stay Saturday night, please find your own housing.

To register, click here. Please register by Thursday October 15th.

Contact Allison Hoffman with general questions at or 605-366-2440.


TCX Band Audition information and requirements:

Being a member of the TCX band is a significant commitment of time and effort. To be considered for the TCX band you must be available to come early to TCX for band rehearsals (band arrives in Minneapolis approximately 6:00PM onDec 26th), and must be available to come to Minneapolis Nov 20-21 to play in the Life Options band, as the same team is used for both conferences.  You must also have sufficient time in your schedule to learn the TCX song catalog which contains approximately 32 songs.  15-20 of these will need to be prepared for Life Options by November 20th. The remainder of the catalog needs to be prepared by December 26th.
We use a group audition format where we assign a group of students to form a band, then learn a song together. We are primarily evaluating the ability to be flexible and take music direction quickly, as well as general musical ability – vocal control, harmony ability, instrument tone, ability to tastefully interpret an appropriate musical part, etc..  It does not matter if you are familiar with the song or not.
A drum kit, keyboard, and sound system will be provided.  Please bring your guitar or other instrument, including your guitar amp and effects setup.  Bass amps are not necessary.